• New Member Orientation-we'll assist you in making goals for your homeschool, show you how to keep the required records by law, and help you set up a college portfolio and transcript for your high schooler.
  • Member packet with proof of homeschooling letter, ID card (useful at many businesses and museums, zoo, etc. that give school discounts)
  • College scholarship filing and paperwork, all included in your membership!
  • Access to Foothills Accountability Association Facebook Group to connect with other homeschoolers, post and buy curriculum for sale, learn about local co op classes, ask questions, post your Homeschooling photos, and more.
  • Website with helpful forms and links to use to make your recordkeeping easier and your homeschool more fun
  • A limited amount of curriculum is kept in a small library of homeschool curriculum available for FREE semester or yearly check out by our members
  • Confidential Prayer for your family, marriage, and homeschool, upon request.
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Complete Application for Membership Checklist for New Homeschoolers S.C. Homeschool Law and Law Summary
Membership Q and A's:
I really feel God has led me to homeschool my children, but I am a single mom and everything is a financial struggle. I’m not sure I can afford your fees. What do I do?
First and Foremost, Foothills is a Christian ministry. All volunteers strive to support each family in their homeschool, and most of us understand the pain of struggling financially. We are happy to waive all membership fees for single parents, missionaries, and Active and retired members of our US Armed Forces as needed. Please contact the Administrator if you need your fee waived. We also have a limited amount of curriculum available for any Foothills family to check out free of charge to use during the school year. We also accept your generous donation of unneeded, useful curriculum that will bless our member families.
I’ve noticed you are a Christian ministry. I am not a Christian. Can I still join your group?
Of course! As a ministry, we honor Christ and mention His name in our literature and website, and our level of accountability is based on a Biblical model of Christian encouragement, responsibility, and diligence. Although our faith and message will remain the same, all members are welcome to join as long as they can honestly agree to the level and type of accountability we require , as outlined in our membership agreement.
I mailed in my application for membership, but haven’t heard anything. What do I do? Am I legal?
Don’t worry! A cleared check is confirmation of receipt of your application. For New Members who join over the summer, you will be contacted by EMAIL with a link to our website/e-chain, and A meeting date/time for the Mandatory New Member Orientation. Barring that, The New Member Meeting is always posted on the website. Your member packet will be given to you at or after the Orientation meeting. For Veterans, your member packet will be mailed no later than the August 31st expiration date on your membership card from the previous year. If you need confirmation of membership prior to that date for the DMV or other legal purposes, please contact the Administrator. If you are going on vacation and need your membership card for the last week of August, I will email you a copy of your card to use while on vacation. Generally, memberships are processed in batches, not individually, for convenience.

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Applications for membership are accepted from June 1st - January 15th.

Applications after January 15th will only be accepted for existing homeschooling families transferring from one state/county to another.