COVID-19 Response


This Spring of 2020, the Coronavirus brought many challenges to our community and Accountability group. Many families were negatively impacted with unemployment and work furloughs, which brought severe financial hardship. Our mission and ministry is to provide face to face true accountability, and we were deeply burdened with the worry of potentially putting families at risk with face to face contact for our required May Checkoffs. After prayerful consideration, we opted for a solution we hoped was grace-filled yet adequate, that still provided needed support and encouragement to our member families.

As Covid recommendations continue to change, we have committed to maintaining a fluid policy open to revisions as needed.

As of June 2020, this is our Covid policy:
  1. Full checkoffs were provided in May for ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, plus any family of younger students that desired a face to face checkoff
  2. Checkoffs and meetings and consultations were offered via Skype, ZOOM and other forms of Virtual Meeting.
  3. Face to Face meetings are provided wearing face masks, with all table surfaces being disinfected between meetings.
  4. Looking forward to this Fall, we still intend to offer our Mandatory Orientation meetings in person, in open air spaces, outdoor venues, and large indoor areas capable of maintaining social distancing requirements, limited to 25 or fewer persons present at any given location. Masks and/or gloves are optional and may be worn by anyone present. FOR THOSE CONCERNED WITH SPREADING COVID, WE WILL ADDITIONALLY OFFER VIRTUAL ORIENTATION MEETINGS UPON REQUEST.
  5. All normal, common sense steps will be taken to maintain good hygiene and a clean environment. Persons who are ill, coughing or sneezing will be asked to refrain from attending. Make up times/meetings will be provided for those who missed due to illness.
  6. Steps are being taken to provide how to videos on high school topics by linking to You Tube videos we will be creating for this purpose. This will limit unnecessary contact and get you the information you need quickly.
Scripture tells us, and we believe that...

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

-- 2 Timothy 1:7

Because of this, we will not have uncontrolled fear, but will use our mind to take reasonable steps to reduce contamination because we LOVE each family, and will not let a virus prevent us from gathering together as needed and providing the loving Christian support and encouragement that every family needs and deserves. Speaking as the Adminstrator of this group, I will not allow any family to feel isolated or unsupported because of my fear of contracting a virus. I will do everything in my power in Christ to continue to serve the homeschooling community. That is my promise to each family in Foothills.
God bless!
Kim Williams, Administrator